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Copyright ©1986 - 2011 Paul Jacobsen except where noted, All Rights Reserved. Duplication or Distribution without Express Permission Forbidden. Site design by Tactical Graphic Design Your sex life is important Once in a while it can be both fun and educational to `switch relationship roles’ with each other. It tends to provide both perspective and respect for the other person's contributions. He can do all the cooking, cleaning and household chores; while she mows the lawn, washes the car, and splits fire wood! Aside from screams about stereotyping gender roles there, the point to take is that whatever the mix in your home, reverse it occasionally. There exists a great potential for laughter in doing so, but more importantly, it causes each person to gain a much more definite appreciation for all the things their partner usually does, and appreciate that neither really has the hardest jobs -- just different ones. You may be surprised that each of you will occasionally find ways to make these these jobs easier for the other person. Furthermore, discussing those ideas will not come across as a criticism because its now tasks you share (if even only occasionally) and understand! Usually people resent advice, even good advice at times, from anyone who is deemed to have less experience! Try it! -- he’ll look as cute in a apron, as she will with grease smudge on her nose. This will enhance your feeling of being a ‘team’, and of having genuinely done something together which not only enhanced your relationship, but also accomplished some things which needed doing anyway! In the end it doesn't matter who does what ... because when it's done there is more time to enjoy each other!